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Top 10 Software Company in Bangladesh

Top 10 Software Company in Dhaka

To develop our business models and relationships with technology, we used to take many kinds of services from software companies. Today software companies have especially become ubiquitous in our business life by providing services and high-end products.

Nowadays, software companies also offer many software solutions, develop games, websites, and mobile apps. These companies also offer services depend on market or customer demands.  

There is a large division of software companies in Dhaka, so you may have struggled to find the best software company for your next venture. This article covered the Top 10 software company in Dhaka, Bangladesh with their best services and information. I think this will help you to get your specific needs.

1. Techdyno BD

Techdyno bd is one of the well-known software companies in Bangladesh. They offer software development services for business organizations. To develop any prominent software solutions, they have custom software development services. This service is all about updating, designing, scaling, and program your software application based on your business demand. 

This company has a software development team to robust your software and functionality develop your software on time. They also outsource software development and enterprise application services to turn your low effective and critical management process into an active system. Besides this, there also offer software testing and QA services to test the quality of software. You can consult with this company for any software-based new project.

2. Datasoft

It is another best software company in Bangladesh, CMMI level 5, and certified for its software product. This company gives software testing services to many popular organizations like USAID, MetLife, SDF, police, other international organizations, Pedrollo, and bkash. Their engineers are well known for testing mobile platforms and also web platforms in several industry domains. 

This company has some domain experience in port and logistics, MNCs, cutting-edge technologies (virtual reality and loT), and Fintech. This company has a successful excellent record for their cost-effective technical services and delivery services. Datasoft is also renowned for its worldwide services.  

3. Dhaka solution

Dhaka solution is one of the top software development companies in Bangladesh. They offer 4- types of unique account software. Their account software maintains to support simple account reconciliation, managing budgets, and payable-type accounting transactions. To serve the demands of multiple national accountancy, there is a mid-market service that can cover an extensive range of business software.

There is another enterprise resource planning software (ERP) that requires expensive business accounting software. It can help customization, integration, and configuration in an accounting system. This company is doing a great job over the years. 

4. Tiger IT Bangladesh

Tiger IT company is the 4th position company in Bangladesh. It is one of the trustworthy companies promoted in automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) and biometric system software in Bangladesh. They provide services to develop games and unique apps with government projects.

To help state agencies and the Bangladesh government, they give some management solutions. They also build software for voter registration, National ID, Border control, etc. The company has records for giving software solutions to many popular organizations like multinational companies, telecom companies, and banks.  

5. Kaz software limited

This company build software since 2004 and has excellent software design quality. They service large XML-based content search, numerical data-heavy applications, optimizing algorithm to performance and load.

They provide various web applications, device drivers, Facebook integration, desktop tools, financial calculations tools, and included social and location-based tools for product testing. Again for content validation, transfer pricing rules, rates and maintain other numeral data, government regulations classification, etc. 

6. Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd

Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd is a famous software firm in Bangladesh. In a short time, they have become a renowned company in Bangladesh in the local and international markets.

They have a work track record with textbook-based scientific game development and A2I. Also, they had created the first cricket-related app for the country. This company has great success in developing games and apps. They provide their services in different parts of the world.

7. Cefalo 

Cefalo is a Norway-based consulting company in Dhaka. They provide services in Bangladesh and also European clients. They have been work since 2010 and offer high-quality services to clients and also in the media industry. In addition, they maintain organization services and provide software development services.

By continuously improving their project management routine, company knowledge management, and company cultures, they work best in the software fields. Like other software companies, this is also a well-known company for its services.

8. US software Ltd

US software Ltd is USA based Software Company that gives a wide range of strategic business solutions. They provide the best software services for utilizing the latest technologies. Their software system supports future requirements and can meet current requirements as well.

This company ensures the software parameters testing like stress testing, smoke testing, functional testing, performance testing, load testing, and system testing. Besides this, they also provide networking, data warehousing, system and data security, custom software development, data modeling, application design and development, etc. 

9. TECH LAB software

This company provides custom software development. It is the best professional services company in Bangladesh. Also, they maintain cost-effective offshore software development and timely delivery.

Again they give premium services to satisfy you: domain hosting, related software, and web hosting. They are doing great work with Bangladesh and also worldwide.

10. Pro software company

This company is a UK-based company in Bangladesh which is an award-winning company at a time. They provide services all around the world. They are superior to their talented virtual team.

You may get surprised to know they give the cheapest software services in small businesses and large organizations. I must say here that this the best virtual assistant outsourcing company yet.

Final verdict: 

It was 1960 when the software first entered into our social lives. And, by the passage of time, today, we cannot develop any business, product industries, and models without software help. Today’s software companies help to give new creations in our lives. To make your business life and daily life easier, I listed the top 10 software companies in Dhaka.

I hope this article will help you get the best company for any software solutions.