Software Development Service

In this tech-savvy world, the enhancement of globalization is changing our life very fast. However, you owe a small or large business; the use of the software is making our business simple yet. It helps us to manage our business effectively and reach great heights of success. 

Like many other software development companies around the world, Tech Dyno BD offers software development service that helps your business or organization stay innovation-oriented, agile, and effective in managing company values best. 

Custom Software Development Services in Bangladesh

Usually, the Software development process is a combination of several activities, such as requirement analysis, planning, designing, implementation or programming, testing, problem or bug fixing, and upgrading.  If you are looking for prominent software development solutions, Techdyno BD is the right place for you. We are well capable of designing and developing quality software products and offering optimum software support services for any start-ups or large scale organization.


  • Custom Software Development Services 

Techdyno BD is one of the most reliable and cost-effective software system developers among high-quality software system services. Our custom software development service is best suited to meet all your requirements and needs from budget to timeframe. Our professional software developers are enough experienced to invent, design, program, scale, and update your software applications and deliver a wide range of services yet. 


  • Software Consulting: 

We offer to consult services on software development for both ongoing and new software projects. We provide consultant support for software design, feasibility study, ideation, PoC, and so on.


  • Custom software development:

We can invent, design, and program any software based on your business or demand. We are also able to scale and upgrade any ongoing and new software development projects as well. Our professional developers are able to meet your unique complex needs or requirements for any mobile, web, desktop, or cloud software. 


  • Software product development: 

Techdyno BD offers software product development services for your business marketing. Our software development team is well capable of keeping your product functionality development on schedule. We always emphasize to develop a scalable and robust software that must be meet maximum quality standards very well. From maintenance activities and quality assurance of current products to research new products, Tech Dyno BD can help you develop your product life cycle to a great extent. 


  • Outsourcing Software development:

We can carry out any software development project on behalf of both small and large enterprises to maintain their digital transformation initiatives and their business growth. 


  • Enterprise application services: 

We offer enterprise application services to turn your critical and less effective management process into a healthy, stable, and active system. Our management software development services are best suited for current business demand yet. 


  • Development team augmentation

Our software developers and software re-engineering experts have enough experience to handle software capabilities and reduce the lack of internal resources. We can integrate, architects, and assure the quality of a software best. 


  • Software Testing and QA

We have a team of testing and QA professionals to ensure the quality of our software. Our QA experts are enough experienced to ensure the needs of a specific project through their testing. Our testing and QA service help you to get the software faster without compromising quality and requirements yet. 


  • Software Enhancement and Modernization:

Our developers always keep up to date with the latest tool and technologies. By utilizing the latest technologies, they can continuously update any software to lighten the life cycle of software. 


  • Project Recovery:

Sometimes software projects come to an end at the mid of the development process. Our expert developers are here to complete your software development before deadlines. If you are not satisfied with your current developer, Tech Dyno BD can take the liability of your unfinished projects.


  • Enterprise Software Development:

We have gained much experience in enterprise software development. With advanced technologies and expertise, we are well capable of bringing every business enterprise solutions through our software. 

Areas of Expertise

Custom Web Application Development

Custom Mobile App Development

User Experience and Design

Custom Database Development

Big Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Software Types

Enterprise resource and process management

Digital channels to customers

Industrial solutions

Connected and smart solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge and productivity

Industry-specific software

We Eagerly Put in Use IT Innovations

We are able to bring smart solutions that enhance the efficiency of your software. These smart solutions really make a difference to our expectations yet.

Internet of Things (LoT)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Big Data

Data Science


Augmented Reality

Computer Version

Power Your Software Project with Leading Expertise

  • Understanding your business:
Techdyno BD always tries to understand your needs and requirements very well. We are flexible and scalable enough to adapt your desired functionality into our software.   
  • In-depth discussion: 
To better evaluate your requirements, we usually make an in-depth discussion with our clients. We always try to figure out the initial and long term targets for our projects.   
  • Scrum:
Techdyno BD’s software developer team always works together to accomplish their projects. Our scrum master builds a strong relationship between the client and the developer team. They always try to fix complex problems in a transparent and smooth process. We productively and innovatively work together in the scrum framework yet.   
  • Requirement analysis:
We believe if you don’t have any clear understanding of your goals and purpose, you can’t get success in your project. So, before starting any project, we listed up user requirements yet.  
  • Create an Effective Action Plan:
We always follow an effective action plan to implement our planning according to your goal, deadline, and budget.   
  • IPR Protection: 
We guarantee that our developed software system will protect your essential data and information. All your information will be protected, secured, and well-guarded in our software.

Software Development Workflow

1. Software Architecture: Software architecture is the most crucial part of the software development process. It determines the overall software performance and complexity as well. If we overlooked this essential part, then we must suffer from unnecessary complexity during implementation. We usually follow 3- types of architecture to accomplish our software projects. Such as-

  • Microservice Architecture
  • N-Tier Architecture
  • Onion Architecture

  2. Project Management: To accomplish any software development project, we assign a scrum master for each project. These project manager co-ordinates the following methods to solve any projects. 

  • Transparency
  • Reliability
  • Time to Market

  3. Development and Deployment:  Coding or programming is an essential part of software development. The overall simplicity, maintainability, and quality of software rely on coding. Tech Dyno BD is well capable of evolving your software solution with the following factors.

  • Modern Platform
  • Automated Builds
  • Automated Tests
  • Deployment Automation
  • Visualization/ Public/ Cloud Ready
  • Frequent Stress-free Releases

Software Development



  • Staff Management   
  • Products Management    
  • Smart Inventory Management   
  • Client Management System   
  • Daily and Monthly Report   
  • Meetings management   
  • Salaray management   
  • Convenience management   
  • Custom requirements (up to 5 requirements)   
  • Multistore management   
  • Integration to third-party software   
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  • Staff Management   
  • Products Management (with bar code or serial if required)   
  • Smart Inventory Management    
  • Client Management System   
  • Reporting and analytics   
  • Meetings management   
  • Salaray management   
  • Convenience management   
  • Custom requirements (up to 15 requirements)   
  • Multistore management   
  • Integration to third-party software   
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  • Staff Management   
  • Products Management (without bar code or serial)   
  • Smart Inventory Management   
  • Client Management System   
  • Reporting and analytics   
  • Meetings management   
  • Salaray management   
  • Convenience management   
  • Custom requirements (up to 10 requirements)   
  • Multistore management   
  • Integration to third-party software   
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