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Top 10 Best Web Development Companies in Bangladesh

Top Web Development Companies in Bangladesh

In today’s world, most of the business and official work is done on online sites. There are web pages or websites to do these online activities. Some companies do all the work, from creating the website to maintaining it with website security matters. So let’s find out the top 10 web development companies in Bangladesh.

1. TechDyno BD

TechDyno BD is a famous and 5th generation animation designer company in Bangladesh. This company is more adept at making all your IT work easier. This acclaimed company was established on 26th March 2018. It provides solutions to all the problems that occur in the current digital platform and provides various solution services.

TechDyno BD can create a dynamic network between decision-makers, information people, and ideas as a global information technology company. This company offers accurate business information, apps, animation, web solutions, graphical presentations, and much more.

2. Nano IT World

This company is a fascinating company in Bangladesh whose clients have more than 200 e-commerce websites worldwide. It is not as old as other companies, but their experience in creating this e-commerce site is no less.

Nano IT world a specialized e-commerce web development company that is now dominating the world. This IT web development firm is constantly working to uphold its standards and is proud to adhere to them. Simultaneously, they respect values and treat clients well.


IOVISION company is considered to be the most significant innovative web development and animation design company in Bangladesh. They are taking place in the people’s minds with the service of their innovation and creativity without leaving the trap of their development everywhere.

They have shown creativity in some tasks such as CMS customization, design, and development. They follow a systematic process for quickly deploying finished products that they are proud of. They have some well-known clients in Bangladesh, including Cat’s Eye, Bangle Cat, Rahimafrooz, etc.

4. OVO technology

Although not many people know this name, it is an IT firm whose goal is to provide smart life with the help of technology. They are increasing their stock day by day. They provide website design, development, and digital marketing services. Again, they also assist in clients’ web applications.

Their clients can have customized, and ready web applications that include strict management, billing system, restaurant billing system, dealer management system, simple billing system, team management system is skilled to operate and maintain.

One of the most well-reputed newspapers in Bangladesh, Prothom Alo, relies on OVO technology to keep its news portal functional.

5. Roopokar

Roopkar is one of the leading web development companies in Bangladesh, they are not just a web development company, but they consider themselves a modern advertising agency. They are more and more proficient in multimedia, and they have created several commercial and well-designed websites.

They have many reputed clients in Bangladesh, among them North south university, Bashundhara, Pran, Shejan, Ford Bangladesh, Government of Bangladesh, East-west university, and Akij cement are notable.

6. Orbit Informatics

In the age of web development, if a competitor is to be found, then orbit informatics is one of them. They have fame as the best web development company in Bangladesh due to their responsive website development and smooth design.

Their location is in the UK, they are a UK-based company, and their operations team is working in Bangladesh. Their clients are spread worldwide, such as the USA, Australia, Nigeria, Kenya, etc. One of their most popular services is web design and development and social, digital media marketing.

Every day they are taking new steps in web design and development. They have a reputation in the industry and have been able to attract clients worldwide.

7. Eicra

It is one of the few web development companies in Bangladesh. It provides SSL certificates. It is a new and pioneering company whose primary goal is to move slowly towards development. Because in the current era of competition, achieving success in one jump is not easy.

Moreover, they provide customer service in cloud-based software development, mobile app development, and network security. They provide clients with more secure websites and improved network security than other companies.

It is a new production company, so customer service is their primary goal so investing in the web here is beneficial for them and their customers.

8. E2soft Solution

This company is a rich web development company with a fantastic reputation. They have earned so much credit because of their strict adherence to w3c standards. They provide services in the same way that other reputable companies serve their customers.

After taking over the project, they focus on 3-things: Responsive design, SEO ready, and clean and fresh. They have many clients worldwide and have gained fame through them.

9. Zaman IT

Zaman, IT was established in 2008. They are a famous face in Bangladesh for software and web development. They have a huge client list that includes numerous and innumerable merchants, includes newspapers, real estate, hospitals, restaurants, law firms, etc. The biggest thing about their development is custom app development.

In addition, they manage the diversified work of development companies. They have earned a reputation for providing flexibility in almost every sector to provide all services to clients.

10. Southtech limited

Southtech LTD. is a reputed group whose ICT is engaged in solving all problems. Their journey started in 1996 for the upgrading of society and the country. The group currently contains a total of 6 companies in 5 countries.

Final Verdict

There are many web development companies in Bangladesh, but not all of them are the most reliable. We can consider only a few of them as best among all. All companies on this list have proven to be the best over time and have established a position. They all have something special that sets them apart from everyone else.