How much does it cost to build a website?

A searchable database of connected, publicly visible web pages with the same domain name is called a website. Individuals, clubs, enterprises, and organizations all set up and maintain websites for several reasons. Whether it's cooking, entertainment, technology, or anything else, the website is an excellent source to acquire any ideas and knowledge.


How much does it cost to build a website?


It is the most frequently asked question. However, the cost of building a website depends on the way to create it. A website can develop in three ways: using WordPress, a website builder, or hiring a professional website designer. 


Creating a website using a website builder can cost as little as $6 a month, making it an affordable alternative. When you use Word Press to establish a website, the monthly fee will range between $11 and $50. With an initial cost of more than $10,000, the most pricey option is to hire a website designer. For further about the cost of building a website, take a little dive into this post. 


How much should a website cost to build? 


I've made a list of the costs associated with building a website in the section below. This will give you an idea of the essential cost of website development.


Website Feature

Upfront Website Cost

Website Content


SSL Certificate


Apps and Integrations


Website Template or Theme 


Website Hosting 


Ecommerce Functionality


SEO and Marketing 


Website Domain



Which Type of Hosting Should You Pay For?


You don't want to waste money on a package you don't require. You could also wish to establish a website on a li; it is budget. We will briefly go over the many types of Word Press hosting and hopefully direct you to the right plan for your site and your budget.


    Hosting Types 

  Who should Use It?

Usual Cost 

Managed word press

Suitable for those who build a large portfolios business or large bloggers.

Per month:


Shared word press 

Can use new builders who want be in their budget. Also, small budget builders, students building school projects and hobby builders can use it.  

Per month: 

$2-$ 15 



Appropriate for internet businesses as well as selling-related companies. 

Per month:



How much does it extra cost to build a WordPress Website? 


We tried to cover most of the costs of developing a WordPress website. However, there are others. Let's talk about how much it costs extra to build a website. 


Domain name: $12 to $60 (per year)


You need to select a custom domain for your website from the start so that people can able to locate your wordpress website more simply. The cost of registering domain will vary depending on the hosting company you choose. When you register a domain name, you obtain an address, or URL, from which users may access the contents of your web pages. Domains range in price from $12 to $60 per year on average. 


Bluehost will supply you with a free custom domain name for the first year of your website; after that, you must pay the annual domain name charge for your website.


Professional Help: $300-$100 (per Hour)


A word press developer is required to create a sophisticated or unique website. Even though this is optional, many people are happy to build without it. Hiring one can help you turn your ideas into reality. However, if you hire a professional to develop your website, it will cost you between $30 and $100 per Hour to have them do it.


Plugins: $0-$100+ (per year)


A plugin is required for several functions that companies often utilize. You have a choice between premium and free plugins, so you can customize your website any way you like. Some of these plugins have multiple plans to start your website with the free plan and then upgrade to unlock a more advanced version later on. The annual pricing of plugins will range from $0 to $100+. It's not only forms, galleries, and SEO plugins offered. Among the most frequently purchased plugins are:


  • Sucuri (website security)
  • WooCommerce (eCommerce)
  • WP Forms Pro (Forms)
  • WP Rocket (site speed)
  • OptiMonster (lead generation)


WordPress Themes: 0$-$50 (per theme)


WordPress provides several free theme templates. However, it is up to you to upgrade to the premium designs. It goes without saying that if you buy premium themes, you will get more features and will have to pay extra for them. Premium themes start at approximately $50, and they may cost well over $200.


Summary for Wordpress Website Cost


You have to pay for:

  • Premium plugins –optional: $5-$100+
  • Hosting Subscription: $2.95-$50 (Per Month)
  • Premium themes- optional: $55-$200+ (one-off)
  • Domain Name: $12 (per year)


The Best Webhost are: 

  • HostGator: $5.95 (per month)
  • A2 Hosting: $2.99 (per month)
  • Bluehost: $2.95 (per month)

Word press cost: free


Estimated total cost:

  • Ongoing cost: $3.95-$150 (per month)
  • Upfront Cost: $250 


How much does a website cost using a Website builder? 


Using a website builder to create your website is the most cost-effective option, and it is ideal for:


  • Whoever is in a rush to have a website up and running
  • Personal Websites and portfolios
  • Technical Novices


Most new sites will cost between $6 and $50 a month if you use a website builder. For further information, see the list below.


Website Builder Cost Breakdown 



Apps – optional 

You can add new features to your website by installing free or paid applications.

per month : $0- $20+ 


It will be handled by the website builder, and you don't have to pay for it.


Monthly Subscription 

Built-in functionality, free themes, and security are all included in this hosting plan.

per month: $6-$50 



Because website builders are simple to use, you can avoid hiring a developer.



It is not necessary to purchase a website builder theme.



As you already have security features in place to protect your website from risks, there is no need to pay additional fees for security. 



How Much Does a Website Cost Using a Web Designer?


Hiring a web designer to develop your website will be a worthwhile investment. It is suitable for the following:

  • Big custom websites
  • For those who have technical confidence and zero time
  • Who wants to make a complex website


In general, engaging a web designer for your website will cost between $500 and $30,000.


Web designer cost breakdown 



Apps plugins-optional 

It's included in the designer quotation, and the designer will put them on your site for you, so you won't have to paid for them.



Some designers will manage the hosting for you, while others will not. So keep in mind that hosting is a necessary cost that is often pay on a yearly basis. You will need to pay minimum $35 each year upfront. 


Monthly Subscription 

Depending on how much maintenance you want and the terms of your contract with your designer, you may be compelled to pay an ongoing cost.

Per Year: $500-$1000

Professional help 

If your site is complicated, you'll need to engage an expert to make modifications on a regular basis. 

Upfront cost: $5000-$30,000


This fee is included in your designer's quotation if they are starting from scratch. Alternatively, you may purchase a theme and hire a designer to personalize it for you, but you must first purchase a theme.



Despite the fact that security is often included in hosting packages, it is critical to invest in security precautions. To save money, you can use free security plugins.

Per Year: $0-$200


Final Verdict

Nowadays, creating a professional-looking website that generates revenue and leads for your organization is particularly changing. In today's digital world, maintaining a website is another challenge. Hiring a professional to create your websites can save you from avoid hassles and lot of time. Professional web designers can create better websites than you could on your own. 


However, the final decision is totally up to you; I can only provide suggestions. Making a website can be accomplished in various methods, as detailed in this article. Also, for those of you who are asking, "How much cost to build a website?” The solution is simply found in this post. I wish you the best of luck in achieving your online ambitions and that you have a good time doing it